Year 6 Transition Information

If your child has been offered a place at Kensington Aldridge Academy for September 2020 entry into Year 7, this page should provide you with all the information you will need, as well as answering any questions you might have.

Over the next seven years we guarantee your child a first-rate education. At KAA we provide opportunities for both academic and personal development that are very hard to find elsewhere. There is much to recommend KAA:

·         A safe, caring environment, where every child is individually supported and challenged.

·         An unrelenting focus on teaching and learning, which we see as the core business of any school. Teachers at KAA are dedicated, reflective practitioners, committed to developing their own subject knowledge and classroom skills. In doing so we are modelling the learning behaviour we ask of our students.

·         The highest possible expectations of students and staff in terms of their attitude, behaviour and work ethic. We are a strict, disciplined environment, and it is your child who will benefit from this discipline.

·         Through our partnerships with Godolphin & Latymer and Charterhouse, two elite independent schools, a level of academic challenge and preparation for university entrance that is unique in the state sector.

·         Through our partnerships with the Royal Academy of Dance and LAMDA, opportunities to develop creative and performance based skills, working with professionals from these world-renowned institutions.

We look forward to working with you over the next seven years. Your child will receive an education at KAA which is (in Ofsted’s words) not just outstanding but also “remarkable” and “exceptional”.

Next Steps

This is an exciting and important new chapter for you and your child, we know you will be excited to get started! Once you have received an offer for KAA from your local authority, the next steps are as follows:

·         The national deadline for accepting offers for secondary school was 16th March. You must accept the offer of a place with your home local authority.

·         Due to the current school closures as a result of the Coronavirus, all parents will be sent electronic induction forms via email from Applicaa post to be completed as soon as possible. This will include personal details, medical details and the KAA Home School Agreement. Please email if you do not receive the welcome email from Applicaa or have any issues with submitting your induction forms.

·          We hope to be able to run the Year 6 Taster Days as normal, as well as the Y6 Parent Info Evening. These are currently scheduled for Monday 6th July, but may need to be pushed back to the end of term or perhaps even the start of September. We will know more in due course.

·         We will be meeting with Year 6 teachers of the main feeder primaries this term to discuss students who are joining us. We will also meet as many Year 6 parents as we can, to discuss how we can best support their transition to secondary school. These meetings may need to take place via video conference, depending on the length of the current lockdown.

KAA@Home Year 6

This website will be home to Year 6 induction work alongside messages from staff and current students. Please take some time to explore the website with your son/daughter. We hope that the information there will help them to feel comfortable and excited about their transition to secondary school. We will update the website throughout the summer term, but we will continue to send important correspondence by email.

The Year 6 website can be accessed by clicking on the “Year 6” tab in the top menu of this website.

Induction work

Three subjects per week are setting project-style tasks that are designed to stretch students’ thinking whilst being engaging and enjoyable. We hope that Year 6 students will be able to complete this work alongside what they are receiving from primary school, as it will help them to be a more confident and capable Year 7 come September. On the subject pages you will find the tasks alongside examples, how-to videos and welcome messages from KAA teachers, who are all excited to see students’ work and to meet our new cohort.

Students should not feel obliged to complete induction work. However, we know that some have a lot of time on their hands at present, and we felt it might be helpful to parents to provide these challenging and exciting learning opportunities. This is about supporting students and their families, not putting pressure on people at what may already be a difficult time, so please treat it in that spirit.

The government has announced that primary schools are due to start reopening from Monday 1st June. We will continue to set induction work in the second half of the summer term and completion will remain encouraged but optional. We accept however that, if your child is back in school next half term, their ability to engage with induction work may be more limited.

We are really looking forward to seeing our new students’ submissions and rewarding them for their efforts!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the term dates for 2020-21?

Autumn Term 2020

Staff Planning Day (school closed to students): Thursday 27th August

Staff Training Days (school closed to students): Friday 28th August, Tuesday 1st September and Wednesday 2nd September

Aut 1 term Year 7 Induction Day: Thursday 3rd September

Aut1 term Year 7 & 12 Induction Day: Friday 4th September

Aut1 term starts for all year groups: Monday 7th September

Aut1 term ends: Friday 16th October

Half Term Holiday: Monday 19th October – Thursday 29th October

Staff Planning Day (school closed to students): Friday 30th October

Aut2 term starts: Monday 2nd November

Staff Inset Day (school closed to students): Friday 11th December

Aut2 term ends: Friday 18th December

Christmas holiday: Monday 21st December to Friday 1st January

Spring Term 2021

Staff Training Day (school closed to students): Monday 4th January

Spr1 term starts: Tuesday 5th January

Spr1 term ends: Friday 12th February

Half term holiday: Monday 15th February to Friday 19th February

Spr2 term starts: Monday 22nd February

Spr2 term ends: Thursday 1st April

Easter holiday: Friday 2nd April to Friday 16th April

Summer Term 2021

Staff Training Day (school closed to students): Monday 19th April

Sum1 term starts: Tuesday 20th April

Bank holiday (school closed to students): Monday 3rd May

Sum1 term ends: Friday 28th May

Half term holiday: Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June

Staff Training Days (school closed to students): Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th June

Sum2 term starts: Wednesday 9th June

Sum2 term ends: Friday 16th July

Staff Planning Days (school closed to students): Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st July


How do I purchase my child’s KAA school uniform?

We are proud of our young people and encourage them to be proud of their school and their community. One key aspect of this is that all of our students will wear a smart uniform. This promotes safety, a sense of community and demonstrates that students are ready to work. Students must be impeccably presented in the correct school uniform at all times. The KAA uniform consists of a grey blazer, striped tie (in house colours), maroon jumper, white shirt or blouse and dark grey trousers. Girls can choose between a pleated skirt or trousers. You do not need to purchase your child’s house tie in advance is this allocated to your child on their first day and paid for via ParentPay.

Our supplier address is: School Uniform Direct, 343 North End Road (opposite Co-Op and near to Superdrug), London, SW6 1NN. Detailed prices, descriptions and an on-line ordering facility is available from our supplier School Uniform Direct on their website. Click here to be directed to the KAA section of School Uniform Direct.

School Uniform Direct have recently announced they will be opening stores from Monday 15th June on an appointment based service only. You can book an appointment online at

Please see the below updates from School Uniform Direct:

Appointment Booking – Letter to Parents.docx

KAA Pricelist 2020


Full uniform list (compulsory items in bold)

Boys UniformGirls Uniform
White shirtWhite blouse
House tieHouse tie
Burgundy jumper with KAA logoBurgundy jumper with KAA logo
Grey Blazer with KAA logoGrey Blazer with KAA logo
Grey trousersGrey tartan kilt style skirt (or grey trousers)
Black or dark grey socksBlack tights or black or white socks
PE sports polo shirt – Navy and sky bluePE sports polo shirt – Navy and sky blue
PE shortsPE skirt (shorts and skirt in one)
KAA school bagKAA school bag
PE microfibre tracksuit bottomsPE microfibre tracksuit bottoms
Non-marking PE trainersNon-marking PE trainers
Football socks – Navy and sky blueFootball socks – Navy and sky blue
PE drawstring bagPE drawstring bag
KAA mid-layer topKAA mid-layer PE top
Rain Jacket with KAA logoRain Jacket with KAA logo
KAA Storm Stuff reversible fleece jacketKAA Storm Stuff reversible fleece jacket

• Students must have their shirts tucked in at all times

• Ties must be tied professionally

• Leather school shoes are compulsory – no trainers, ballet-pumps or canvas shoes. Trainers cannot be worn at any time except in PE lessons.

• No jewellery (except watches)

• Nail polish and make-up are not allowed

• Sensible, ‘professional’ haircuts for boys and girls. Short hair on boys should not be cut below a ‘grade 2′.

• School bags must be the official KAA version

• Coats must be the official KAA version or a plain black, dark grey or dark blue coat without any visible logos

• Hats must be either the official KAA hat or a plain black, dark grey or dark blue woollen hat

If a student arrives at school with the incorrect uniform we will contact the parent or carer and, with their permission, send the student home to resolve the issue. If we are unable to contact home the student will be placed in internal exclusion.


What equipment do I need to provide for my child?

Students should have the following equipment with them every day at school:

·         Current reading book (students will visit the library during their induction)

·         Student planner (provided to students during their induction)

·         1 x clear pencil case with the following contents:

–       2 x black or blue writing pens

–       1 x green writing pen

–       2 x highlighter pens

–       2 x sharpened pencils

–       1x rubber

–       1 x 12 inch ruler

–       1 x pair of compasses

–       1 x protractor

–       1 x Casio Scientific calculator

·         1 x water bottle – full

·         Books/folders for that day

·         PE Kit if required