Interim House Competition: Times Table Rockstars 2017

by Vashti Turner  on October 10, 2017  in  Academy News House Competitions

By Mr Edwards

IMG_0291It was a seriously fiercely fought battle at the Times Table Rockstars House Competition during lunch time on Thursday 5th October. In a great showing of true participation, every single house had a full team, comprising of every year group in the school and some brave teachers in the form of Mr Greenish, Mr Prasch, Mr Boney and Miss Arnold.

Contestants answered increasingly difficult times table questions in a timed relay… but accuracy was required as much as speed as every incorrect answer added 15 seconds to the team’s time.

Franklin got off to an incredible early lead but were they being too fast and forfeited accuracy for speed? Would another house be the tortoise to their hare?

IMG_0305Well as it turns out no! Fortune favours the brave. With an incredible performance, answering 120 questions in 6 minutes and 12 seconds, Franklin stormed to a mathematical victory.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along, particularly Marwa and Nikki, who the competition really couldn’t have run without, and ‘acting maths team member’ Carrie Sharman who was also a huge help!

House Timestable Rock Stars Results:

1st Franklin 6 mins 12 seconds 5000pts
2nd Pankhurst 8 mins 16 seconds 3750pts
3rd Honeyball 9 mins 30 seconds 2500pts
4th Angelou 11 mins 13 seconds 1250pts



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