Bridging Work

Please find electronic copies of the summer bridging work on this page. We ask all of our new sixth formers to complete the bridging in the appropriate subjects by the beginning of the Autumn term on Monday 11th September. Year 13 bridging work is also available on KAA Online.

If you have any questions, please email the relevant Head of Department. Teachers will get back to you as fast as possible, but please be aware they may be abroad or otherwise out of contact for periods during the holiday.


Head of Department: Ms John –

Year 12  – AS Fine Art Bridging Task

Year 13 – A2 Fine Art Bridging Task


Head of Department: Ms Denniston –

Year 12  – Y12 Biology Bridging Work

Year 13Y13 Biology Bridging Work


Head of Department: Ms Dench –

Year 12  – Y12 Chemistry Bridging Work

Year 13Y13 Chemistry Bridging Work


Head of Department: Mr Dunning –

Year 12  – Y12 Dance Bridging Work

Year 13Y13 Dance Bridging Work


Head of Department: Mr Kavanagh –

Year 12  – Y12 Drama Bridging Work

Year 13Y13 Drama Bridging Work

English Literature

Head of Department: Mr Clayton –

Year 12 – Y12 English Bridging Work and English Literature Bridging Assignment Yr 12

Year 13Y13 English Bridging Work


Head of Department: Ms Davies –

Year 12 – Y12 French Bridging Work

Year 13Y13 French Bridging Work


Head of Department: Ms Blount –

Year 12Y12 Geography Bridging Work

Year 13 Y13 Geography Bridging Work


Head of Department: Ms Desmond –

Year 12Y12 History Bridging Work – Y12 History Course Overview – Y12 History Course Timeline

Year 13Y13 History Bridging Work


Head of Department: Mr Hunt –

Year 12Y12 Maths Bridging Work

Year 13Y13 Maths Bridging Work


Head of Department: Mr Bernard –

Year 12Y12 PE Bridging Booklet

Year 13Y13 PE Bridging Work


Head of Department: Mr Greenish –

Year 12 – Y12 Physics Bridging Work

Year 13Y13 Physics – Circular Motion and Y13 Physics – Simle Harmonic Motion

Product Design

Head of Department: Mr Fitton –

Year 12Y12 Product Design Bridging Work

Year 13Y13 Product Design Bridging Work


Head of Department: Ms Sharman –

Year 12Y12 Psychology Bridging Work

Year 13Y13 Psychology Bridging Work


Head of Department: Ms Hitchcock –

Year 12Y12 RE Bridging Work

Year 13 – Please find bridging work on the Student Portal