Student Council Election Results 2017

by Vashti Turner  on November 27, 2017  in  Student Council

IMG_3727On Friday 24th November our students took to the ballot boxes during break and lunch time to vote in their new Student Council for the 2017-2018 academic year. 

We are pleased to announce the 2017-2018 Student Council are: Ahmed B and Rose (Year 7), Reo and Tashi (Year 8), Taif and Katie-Marie (Year 9), Rene and Fatima N (Year 10), Rostom and Batoul (Sixth Form) and Ty (Grandin Councillor).

The election followed a three week process, involving candidate applications to Directors of Learning, speeches from all candidates in their year group assemblies, and a week of campaigning across the school.

The student council meet with the members of SLT on a weekly basis during form time to raise comments and requests from the student body. Past successful requests to the Senior Leadership Team proposed by the Student Council include a girls only MUGA day back at KAA1, more seating, table football and basketball hoops at KAA2, more time for preparation for House competitions during form time, and the introduction of a school shop to tell stationary and planners.

In their first meeting the council will appoint a Chairperson to lead the meetings this year. We look forward to the work of our newly elected Student Council.





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