Travel Support

At the end of the day KAA students will be supervised across Scrubs Lane, down Mitre Way, and then down Bracewell Road. This is the safest way to manage their departure. The diagram below shows the route, which will be supervised all the way along by School Wardens.

Once they get to North Pole Road students can either take the number 7 or number 70 bus back to W10 or walk (both take 15 minutes). Transport for London are providing extra Number 7 buses at peak times.

By far the best way for students to get to KAA2 is on foot, by bus, or by bike (we have lockable bike sheds).

If any student needs support with transport (e.g. because they have been rehoused due to Grenfell and now live some distance away, or because their child is too nervous to make the journey independently) then you can call the Care for Grenfell Team on 020 7745 6414 and they will be able to either book a taxi or provide your child with a space on the daily shuttle bus.

The shuttle bus leaves from near the Grenfell Assistance Centre on Freston Road at 8.15 each morning, and departs KAA2 at 4.30pm each day to return to Freston Road (students can work in the library from 3.45pm while they wait). The bus will only be available for people who have pre-booked and commit to using it each day.

For all students who were receiving transport last term, this will continue and we have provided Care for Grenfell with the details of who was receiving what bus, but do feel free to call them yourselves to re-confirm.