In addition to their weekly timetabled lessons, students at KAA are also offered an extensive programme of enrichment designed to stretch their thinking, broaden their horizons and teach them more about the world.

Enrichment takes place Monday to Thursday, from 4pm to 4.45pm (unless otherwise stated in the timetable). It is non-compulsory but we encourage all students to choose at least one enrichment per term. We expect all students to show INTREPIDUS in their Enrichment choices. Intrepidus means students push themselves to do new things and take risks in a safe environment.

Despite there being an academic focus to some of the sessions, the primary goal of enrichment is for students to enjoy learning and to love spending time at school. Enrichment, for many students, supports their social and emotional needs, allowing them the confidence to build friendships, to focus on their future and to grow as individuals. It also ensures students are kept healthy through sporting and active sessions. Students will get to try out sports and activities that they may never have come across before. They will also get the chance to compete with other students, tutor groups, houses and schools, thus promoting healthy competition and team work.

Autumn 2 2020 Enrichments

The new national guidance in relation to the second national lockdown means that academic enrichments that are directly linked to the curriculum (so essentially like lessons) can remain, which is great news. This includes all academic interventions and societies.

However, enrichments which fall into the category of “after school clubs” are paused until Monday 11th January. Parents can view a list of what is still running below and students will be advised by their form tutors.

We hope all enrichments can resume on 11th January and we will us the same registers we currently have – students will not have to pick again, unless there are new enrichments we are introducing at that time.