Reading Ages

Upon entry to KAA all students complete a Suffolk Reading Test, a standardised reading test consisting of multiple-choice and sentence-completion questions. This test gives us a Reading Age (RA) for each student – this is his or her reading ability expressed with reference to the average age at which a comparable ability is found. This is given in years and months, so a RA of 11.5 means that a student is reading at the equivalent of a child of 11 years and 5 months. To read more about the Suffolk Reading Test please visit their website.

All students read twice a week in their form group to help them become confident, articulate readers.

A small number of students enter the school with a weak reading age. For students with a RA below 9 progress is tracked via computer software in order to provide specific measures and support that will allow them to make significant improvement. These students are given targeted intervention in Year 7 to improve their reading age. Last year our Year 7 ‘Fresh Start’ group made excellent progress as a result of these interventions.

2015-2016 Year 7 GroupsSeptember 2015July 2016Difference
'Fresh start' group reading ages7.99.1+16 months