Y12 Summer Series: Karen @ Global Social Leaders

by Vashti Turner  on August 22, 2017  in  Sixth Form Student Leadership Trips

Our Year 12s have taken part in a number of activities over the summer holidays, from work experience and internships, to residentials and summer schools. Our Year 12 summer series provides a taste of some of the enriching activities our sixth formers have taken part in over the summer break.

Three of our sixth form students returned from a two week Global Social Leaders Programme at Wellington College last week, where they worked with students from China, Hong Kong, India, America, Jordan and Australia. Karen, Hajar and Elineth were awarded scholarships for the two week course for their work mentoring our new Year 7s on a Future Foundations residential at the end of July.

During the two week programme our students stayed at the prestigious Wellington College and took part in activities to build their confidence as leaders. Karen said “Personally it was a life changing experience, it made me grow as a person and I learned many lessons. It made me push my boundaries and step out of my comfort zone.”

Karen also added that she learnt a lot by working with students from around the world. She said “I learnt about their culture, how points of view from other countries can also make an impact on me because of their experiences and what they see around around them.”

Karen will return to school to begin her A2 studies with a Sixth Form residential week at Hertford College and Queen’s College, Oxford on Monday 11th September. This will be another unique opportunity for our sixth formers to build their confidence and experience university life.

Year 11s receiving their GCSE results on Thursday 24th August who are interested in a place at KAA Sixth Form should attend our Year 12 Enrolment Day on Thursday with photo ID and their results transcript. For more information visit kaa.org.uk/sixth-form or email our admissions team at sixthform@kaa.org.uk.

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