Y7 Parents Evening

by Vashti Turner  on January 4, 2017  in  Uncategorized

The Year 7 progress meetings will take place on Tuesday 10th January 2017, from 5pm-7.30pm. It is important for parents and carers of Year 7 students to attend the event as you will have the opportunity to meet many of your child’s subject teachers to discuss their academic progress and the targets they have been set for the academic year. A letter will be sent home via pupil post on Thursday 5th January, please return the reply slip indicating your attendance on Friday 6th January.

To support these conversations, you will be provided with an Autumn Term report. Students will bring these home on Monday 9th January – please ask them for it and then bring it with you on Tuesday.

Unfortunately it will not be possible for you to meet with every teacher as some staff teach all 180 students in Year 7. Therefore we advise you to use the report to prioritise who you would like to see and also arrive early to avoid disappointment. If at any point you have to wait a few minutes to see a particular teacher we ask that you be patient with us. We do not operate an appointment system as in the past we have found these can over complicate matters.

For further information please contact reception via the main school number.

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