A trip to Canary Wharf to explore Entrepreneurship

by Melanie Rieder  on November 5, 2014  in  Academy News Entrepreneurship Uncategorized

Last week  two of our students went to Canary Wharf to meet Alisha Miranda, a social entrepreneur, and director at the Thompson Reuters Foundation. She is also the lead of Trust Law a global programme to give social ventures access to free pro-bono legal advice.

The students had a tour of the building and put their questions about entrepreneurship and leadership to Miranda. A highlight for them (and me) was bumping into the Global CEO and then seeing a full page article about her on the train ride back to school. We all squealed in delight, to the amusement of passengers.

On our way out we picked up a copy of the Canary Wharf Magazine which has a feature on 10 female leaders in business. The article mentioned the gender pay gap women faced, and the girls were asked to read it and they pointed out that it was both unfair and unjust.


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