British Science Week 2020

by Vashti Turner  on March 13, 2020  in  Events

This week we celebrated British Science Week with assemblies, house competitions and break time experiments. Our intrepidus students displayed a voracious appetite for curiosity into the world of science during British Science Week.

On Monday, students lifted into action engineering makeshift hovercraft, sliding and colliding into action to highlight the behaviour of objects in near frictionless environments, celebrating the recent resupply mission to the International Space Station.

On Tuesday, students from multiple year groups put on their thinking caps as they got creative (and competitive!) as they raced to construct the tallest freestanding structure out of spaghetti sticks and packing foam. Franklin came out on top for this competition. Well done Franklin!

On Wednesday, students passing by the science corridor entered into the “Sneeze Zone” as they discovered just how far their sneezes can travel, and experimented the most effective way they can stop the spread of germs, yikes!

On Thursday, students enthusiastically dove into the world of microorganism to see just how diverse our world really is. Looking into samples of pond water, our students were captivated with sights of living creatures that populate a world unseen.

Thanks to all our young scientist who got involved in these experiments throughout the week!

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