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by Vashti Turner  on March 18, 2015  in  Charterhouse Music Partnership Performance and Creative Arts Science

Last week our partnership with Charterhouse school began in earnest with our first year 7s experiencing Science, Music and Latin lessons, whilst others watched Charterhouse students in a production of The Tempest. The historic boarding school in Surrey is a KAA partner, providing opportunities for KAA and Charterhouse students to collaborate and compete in a range of ways.

IMG_4969On Tuesday 10th March, 18 students visited Charterhouse for a taste of life outside KAA. They began with a tour around the school’s impressive grounds and an hour of Fives. Many of our students proved to be naturals at the sport and the coach was so impressed he wants to come to KAA to help us set up our own Fives league.

Students then enjoyed a lunch in the boarding house which gave the students a chance to chat to the Charterhouse boys and quiz them on their school experience.

In the afternoon our students also impressed in their Latin, Biology and Music taster sessions with every teacher commenting on how engaged they were. In the Music lesson ‘Ode to Joy’ was played excellently by our students and sounded delightful on both an organ and chapel bells.

IMG_4947 (1)Just a few days later another 16 students were given the opportunity to visit Charterhouse to watch a student performance of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Upon arrival the KAA class were invited to refreshments and games on the school’s extensive playing fields before taking their seats for the play.

The impressive props, scenery and costumes will prove an inspiration for students taking part in KAA’s first ever school production this Spring, and the fantastic production will give these students a head start in getting to grips with The Tempest, which all of our year 7 students will be studying in the summer term.

Both days were a great experience; the students had a lot of fun and threw themselves wholeheartedly into every activity. They are also eager to visit again – “please can we come for a week next time?” – and are looking forward to our ongoing partnership with the school.

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