Chemistry Society Christmas Show

by Vashti Turner  on December 4, 2019  in  Events Science Sixth Form

The KAA Chemistry Society would like to invite to a very special Christmas show called Santa baby, why are you stuck in the chimney? on Thursday 12th December from 4pm to 5pm in the theatre at KAA.

The show will demonstrate how you can all enjoy a very merry Christmas holiday without coming back in January carrying too many extra pounds!

It has been entirely written and produced by our wonderful 6th form Chemistry Society students. The show will discuss themes such as:

·         The health impacts of different foods and drinks

·         How to enjoy a little bit of everything in moderation

·         What to do if you overindulge

·         How to have a happy, healthy Christmas

We would like to encourage all students, parents and guardians to attend regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas. The message is universal no matter how you choose to spend the holidays.

If you wish to attend please send an RSVP email (including names of all attendees) to

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