Easter Stretch Project

by Vashti Turner  on April 1, 2021  in  Stretch Projects

At KAA, over the school holidays students in KS3 (years 7, 8 and 9) carry out ‘Stretch Projects’. These are independent projects drawing on a range of subject disciplines, but led by the core subjects. Details relating to each specific Stretch Project are shared with students in the final week before the holiday. Stretch Projects are a great way of developing independence and curiosity in our students and prizes are awarded for the best entries in each year (silver and gold merits).

For this holiday’s stretch project, the project is led by the English department.

The pandemic has put a halt to international travel, but the world is still out there! The Easter Holiday stretch project is all about those places that we’ve been dreaming of.  Maybe it’s a place you’re yearning to return to, or a far-flung country you hope to visit in the future. Your Easter Stretch project is simple: Pick a place and use any medium you like to get across your love and interest for that location.

Students can…

– Work a short story or piece of descriptive writing set in your location that captures the atmosphere.

– Write a poem or song celebrating it. (or – if you’re truly Intrepidus – write it in the country’s language!)

– Read a novel set in that place (email j.garcia@kaa.org.uk for ideas) and write a review

– Research the history of that place, and present it clearly to someone who might not know in a podcast/essay/documentary.

– Research the religious festivals celebrated there, or explore its most sacred places of worship or pilgrimage. .

– Put together a travel guide for future travellers sharing your secret tips for the perfect visit.

– Produce a map of the place you’ve chosen. It could be an accurate map, or an artist map that includes unusual points of reference.

– Draw, paint, or create a work of art inspired by your dream location.

– Put together a Spotify playlist of music from that country.

– Design and cook a menu that showcases the best cuisine there.

– Anything else you want that captures the flavour of your location!

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