End of Year exams for Year 7 & Year 8 – Monday 20th June to Friday 24th June

This is a great opportunity for Year 7s to demonstrate what they have learnt throughout their first year at KAA in advance of their upcoming end of year reports. For Year 8, these are vital as they are the last formal end of year examinations before your child makes their GCSE option choices during Year 9.

For Monday 20th June to Friday 24th June students in Year 7 and Year 8 will follow their End of Year exam timetable, instead of their usual lesson timetable. Students have been issued their personal exam timetable, but the year group timetables are provided below for parent reference.

Please note that all assessments are written assessments so students should come to school in their normal school uniform every day, not their PE kit.

The library will remain open and supervised for any students who wish to remain at school to revise for their remaining assessments.

Information on our assessment policy can be found at https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/assessment/.

Year 7

Year 8