Exploring the Science Museum

by Vashti Turner  on May 1, 2015  in  Science Trips

Scmuseum3Last week our Year 7s visited the Science Museum in South Kensington. Students explored the Launch Pad, an exhibition packed with interactive displays and lively demonstrations about the world of Physics.

The most popular part of the trip was undoubtedly the Science Museum’s Rocket Show, which tied in with the fertile question ‘Will people live on Mars in our lifetime?’ The show brought to life the work our students have completed on forces and motion in their science lessons.

Milan (7 Balon) reported that the show taught them ‘about rockets and how they take off, and about Newton’s Laws of Motion.’ Zena (7 Dyson) ‘absolutely loved it’ and Rita (7 Jobs) thought ‘it was fun learning how to build rockets and calculate the forces to send them to space and bring them back down again.’

The trip was a great success seeing all 180 Year 7s visit one of London’s most famous museums.


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