KAA’s First Swimming Gala

by Vashti Turner  on February 10, 2016  in  Enrichment Sports

On Friday 5th February KAA hosted their first Key Stage 3 swimming gala at Kensington Leisure Centre. A number of KAA students have been participating in swimming training twice a week as part of the enrichment programme. The gala was an opportunity for them to participate in some competitive races and demonstrate the progress they have made.

The KAA swim team included Ellen (8 Kidston), Emma (8 Jobs), Iman (8 Berners-Lee), Amal (8 Winfrey), Chyna (8 Jobs), Rita (8 Jobs), Felix (8 Winfrey), Andet (8 Kidston), Milan (8 Balon), and Charlie (8 Oliver).

We invited Burlington Danes Academy to participate in the event and they proved to be fantastic competitors. The BDA students were a credit to their school and performed excellently in the pool. The students competed in a variety of strokes across various distances in a very entertaining encounter. The KAA team were supported by a large crowd of students and teachers, resulting in a great poolside atmosphere.

Following on from this debut event we have plans for future galas involving more local secondary schools. We hope to increase competitive swimming at KAA across all age groups.

Swimming gala 1

“Thanks for inviting our team, it was a great event and our students loved it.”

Mr J French (Head of PE at Burlington Danes Academy )


“Our first swimming gala was a huge success. I believe swimming is an inclusive activity which has many benefits for our students. I hope it will be a big part of the PE curriculum at KAA.”

Mr R Bernard (Head of PE at KAA)

swimming gala 2

KAA top performances:

Charlie – 1st in 25m front crawl

Andet – 1st in 25m backstroke, 3rd in 50m front crawl

Felix – 3rd in 25 m front crawl, 25m breaststroke, 50m breaststroke

Ellen – 2nd in 25m front crawl, 1st in 25m breaststroke, 1st in 50m front crawl 1st in 50m breaststroke

Chyna – 1st in 25m front craw, 2nd in 25m breaststroke

Rita – 2nd in 50m backstroke

Girls Medley – 1st place after an incredible swim by Ellen!

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