Girls’ Football fixtures at QPR

by Vashti Turner  on October 15, 2015  in  Sports

Match report by Miss Demeester

y7 girlsA mix of Year 7 and 8 girls attended their first games for the QPR league this week. With 3 games lined up for the evening the team were hungry for their first win.

Their first match was against Burlington Danes Academy. The team fought hard, with some excellent saves from Year 7 Goal Keeper Hannah McMillan, and the girls narrowly missed a win with the final score as 2-0.

Determined not to give up, the girls went into their second game against another Burlington Danes team strong. A goal from Year 7 striker Kerry Hood lifted the spirits. After that was no stopping the team, the second half opened with some excellent defending skills from Rita Shaqiri and Asia Phillips. Keen to keep the goals coming Vitara Herman scored their second goal and the game ended with their first victory of the season! Final Score: 2-0 to KAA!

y8 girlsTheir final match was against Hurlingham Academy. Fresh from their first victory Tahana-Fay Ellis scored early on, giving a 1- 0 lead, and closely followed this with a second brilliant goal. Hurlingham managed to sneak a goal in the final few seconds but it wasn’t enough to beat KAA and we won the match with the final score at 2-1.

The girls were ecstatic with their first two wins and we look forward to their next fixture for the QPR League.

Player of the Match: Hannah McMillan

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