House Cup end of SPR1 update

by Vashti Turner  on February 12, 2021  in  Academy News

Whilst students learnt remotely in Spring 1, that didn’t stop them battling for house points in a range of interim house competitions this term. Today’s celebration and rewards emails including an all-important end of half term update on the 2020-21 House Cup!

Franklin managed to sweep up the most points for Core Recognition Awards, the awards which celebrate students who have displayed exemplary examples of our core values.

It was Honeyball house who accumulated the most points for KAA@Home merits this term – and by a large margin! Well done Honeyball students!

Honeyball were also ahead of the other houses in Gold and Silver Merits collected in Spring 1.

Franklin just managed to beat Pankhurst to 1st place for attendance by 0.02%!

Whilst our usual SPR1 major house competition was on hold without the use of our theatre on site, that didn’t stop students getting stuck in to our interim house competitions. With 5,000 house points for first place in each competition and a mere 2,000 points between 1st and 2nd place at the end of the autumn term, it was all to play for.

The maths code breaking competition was won by Angelou!

House Drama saw students submit monologues via video, Olivia’s winning video for Honeyball is available in the Friday rewards email from Directors of Learning!

Ready, Steady, Cook (at home!) was a hotly contested interim house competition with a huge array of entries from all four houses. Students were given until Friday 5th February to submit two dishes with a limited range of ingredients. They could customise their dishes by selecting 1 special ingredient in addition to the Ready Steady Cook list. Photos below of just a small number of the entries received! Well done to Franklin for their win.


The final scores for the year to date at the end of Spring 1 increased Angelou’s lead over Pankhurst – well done Angelou! However, with just 10,000 points between 1st and 2nd, and only 35,000 points between 1st and 4th place, a major house competition worth 20,000 points for first place could change everything in the coming terms!

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