House Debating: The Results

by Vashti Turner  on May 21, 2015  in  House Competitions Partnership

Our house competition this half term was Debating, and the performances have been a testament to the confidence and articulacy our students have developed in a short space of time at KAA. Every tutor group put forward a team for the semi-finals, with the two highest scoring teams going through to the big final.


On Friday 15th May the 8 teams representing each tutor group produced some thought-provoking arguments in each debate. On Monday Honeyball and Franklin were announced as the overall highest scorers of the semi-finals and the teams had 48 hours to prepare their arguments for the final.


Motion Prop Opp
1) “This house would reinstate the death penalty” Dyson Berners-Lee
2) “This house would abolish exams” Simmons Winfrey
3) “This house would give 12 year-olds the vote” Kidston Jobs
4) “This house would ban violent video games” Balon Oliver



Our judge for the Debating Final was Mr Mahoney, Head of Debating at our partner school Godolphin & Latymer.

Before the final took place students enjoyed a teacher debate on the motion “This house believes that parents should have the right to choose the gender of their children.” Miss Deacon, Mr Dumigan, Miss Hitchcock and Mr Benson were declared the winners by our guest judge.

The final debate was extremely close, Mr Mahoney praised the research, style and confidence of both teams. The judge made special mention of Cam’Ron’s persuasive style, but the Honeyball debaters had the slight edge and won the 2000 House Points. Well done to the Honeyball team Hussain, Parmida, Zena, and Haytam for their strong performances!

Motion Prop Opp
1) Teacher Debate “This house believes that parents should have the right to choose the gender of their children” Mr AtalasMr Malik

Mr Kavanagh

Mr Miller

Miss DeaconMr Dumigan

Miss Hitchcock

Mr Benson

2) House Debating Final “This house believes that the internet does more harm than good” Honeyball Franklin


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