KAA founder students enjoy a ‘jam packed’ induction week

by Melanie Rieder  on September 22, 2014  in  Academy News

On Monday 15 September, our KAA founder students walked through the doors of their brand new school and in to a whole new world of learning and fun! Our students had a full week of induction, in which they learned about their school building, the KAA values and motto- Intrepidus! – and all of the other things that make us unique, such as morning reading, enrichment, family dining, Kensington Creates and much, much more. Feedback from students through our student survey has been very positive- they absolutely loved their first week, saying things such as:

The parts that I enjoyed the most this week was the subjects that I did in the afternoons (PE, Music, Science) I enjoyed these the most because they were regular lessons but the teachers made it more fun and exciting.

One of my favourite parts of the week was family dining, I love this idea because it gives us students a chance to catch up with one another in different forms and also speak with the teachers.

The importance of Intrepidus. Having the passion and courage at taking part in different activities. Knowing that I will always put in hundred percent effort into all my work.

Well done to all of our year 7 students and our staff for their hard work in induction week, and for getting the year off to a flying start.

Watch the video below for a look at what we did in our first week.

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