KAA House Music Results

by Vashti Turner  on February 17, 2015  in  Academy News House Competitions Performance and Creative Arts

In the continued race to win KAA’s first ever House Cup our students spent the Spring 1 half term preparing for the House Music competition. With the help of our Head of Music, Mr. Fisher, each house selected a song to perform at the end of term. The creativity, enthusiasm and dedication of our staff and students was reflected in the fantastic performances during Thursday’s show. The competition was judged by Mr Benson, Mr Malik, Governor Lucy Morris, and special guest entrepreneur Mr Kumar. The panel of judges were looking for creativity, quality of vocal performances, and participation of all students.

franklin house music
Franklin performing ‘Fancy’ during the House Music competition

Franklin’s fantastic rewriting of the lyrics to ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azelea, complete with beat-boxing and rapping, won first place. As with every house competition, the prize for first place was 2000 House Points.

Ppankhurst house musicankhurst came second with their animal-themed costumes and rendition of ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry. Honeyball’s energetic rendition of ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams included some brave solo performances and creative dance moves and won them 3rd place. Angelou’s contribution was a cover of Ben E King’s ‘Stand by Me’ including a Spanish verse, rap, and backing music by a student band.

honeyball house musicThe results of House Music had a major impact on the House Points totals for the end of Spring 1. During the awards assembly on the last day of Spring 1, commendations, silver and gold merits, school athletics records, and reader of the half term were awarded. Students did incredibly well over such a short half term.

After all these points were added together, Mr. Benson revealed that the half term’s points have closed the gap between current leaders Angelou and the three other houses. All is still to play for in the second half of the academic year as there are only 425 points separating 1st and 2nd placed Angelou and Pankhurst. Franklin’s win in House Music has thrown them firmly into 3rd place.Spring 1 Points


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