Life At KAA – By Wynne James .. What Can You Spot?

by Alan Brooks  on December 17, 2013  in  Academy News

We are excited to share our wonderful illustration of life at the academy by Wynne James of HOK architects.

“This drawing is a product of the many conversations which Wynne and I have had over recent months about the culture and ethos of our new academy. It’s all there – maths, English, science, history; Sports and the House System; Music and Performing & Creative Arts; INTREPIDUS and our entrepreneurial pods and much, much more. See what you can spot!

We will display the drawing in all its glory on the internal walls and classrooms in the academy once we are open, in six foot high spaces so you can explore all its detail and complexity. Wynne’s drawings are beautifully detailed and they need to be carefully studied.

A massive thank you to Wynne for all his hard work on this. I hope it is of interest to students, parents and teachers alike. We have it printed it off in A2 and displayed it in our office – it makes the team here smile every time they see it. In fact often people can been seen standing gazing at it for ages…..”

Life at KAA by Wynne James

Click Life At KAA – By Wynne James to see a larger image you can zoom in on and explore!

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