Mock EU Referendum

by Vashti Turner  on June 24, 2016  in  Citizenship

On Thursday 23rd June, as the UK went to the polls to vote on the EU referendum, our students took part in a mock referendum at KAA. During Morning Reading students read articles explaining the arguments of both the Leave and Remain campaigns, allowing them to debate the issues during PSHE. Every student received a ballot paper and was able to cast their vote during break, lunch or after school.


There was a real ‘buzz’ about the vote and lots of discussion about the referendum and what it means for the UK. This interest from our students was reflected in the 75.55% turnout – a brilliant display of citizenship from the KAA community. The results were counted at the end of the school day, with a resounding majority for Remain. These results were announced this morning with the news of the real referendum result.

Thank you to Mr Kavanagh for organising the mock referendum for our students and well done to all the students who submitted their ballot and exercised their democratic right to vote.

referendum results





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