New Prefect Team Elected

by Vashti Turner  on April 3, 2018  in  House Competitions Music Performance and Creative Arts Student Leadership

On Thursday 29th March the whole school came together for our end of spring term award assembly. The assembly included student performances, beginning with Franklin’s house music medley, a reflection from Daniel (7 Bonhoeffer), Only Fools Rush In sung by the sixth form ensemble and You Raise Me Up performed by the KAA Choir. We celebrated our students’ achievements this term with awards given for academic excellence and resilience in History, Geography, MFL and Religious Education and 100% attendance for the year so far. Half colours were also awarded in PE, Dance, Drama, Music, Art and DT.

Monday 19th March to Friday 23rd March was election week for our next Head Boy and Head Girl. All nine candidates spoke to all students during assemblies throughout the week and campaigned across the school. Friday 23rd was election day, we had a fantastic turnout of over 90% as our students engaged in electing their senior representatives. The full prefect team was announced in our end of term assembly.

Our new Head Girl and Head Boy, who will be working alongside Kai and Titilayo in the summer term before taking on the roles full time in September, are Aminata (12 Gladstone) and Rostom (12 Ibrahim). Luana (12 Ibrahim) and Murtadha (12 Nightingale) were appointed as Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy. Our senior prefect team for 2018-2019 will be Dua (12 Gladstone), Alexander (12 Maathai), Emma (12 Ebadi), Shouq (12 Nightingale) and Amber (12 Roosevelt). The successful prefect candidates were Reem, Abdulmalik, Re-Anna, Sarina, Lyeba, Peach, Arbesa, Yasmin, Taylor, Emma and Hind. Many congratulations to the full prefect team for their success campaigning and in interviews with the senior leadership team.

The Spring 2 house competition final took place on Thursday 22nd March, our annual house debating competition which saw a final between Angelou and Pankhurst as both houses were keen to win 20,000 house points to help catch Franklin house in the race for the house cup. The final and the 3rd place playoff were live streamed to form classes so that all students could watch the debates. After spectating avidly all students were keen to discover who had won. During our end of term assembly it was revealed Pankhurst had taken first place, which made a huge difference to the house points totals for the end of spring 2. Pankhurst are now just 7,170 points behind Franklin, who just managed to cling onto first place. As we enter the final third of the year in the summer term the 20,000 points available for House Drama and Sports Day will be fiercely contested.

We look forward to seeing students back at school after the Easter break on Tuesday 17th April.

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