Spring End of Term Assembly

by Vashti Turner  on March 31, 2017  in  Academy News

Kensington Aldridge Academy today celebrated the end of term with our Spring Awards Assembly. Each term we celebrate achievements in different subjects, and this term we acknowledged academic excellence and resilience in languages and humanities. We were joined by Governors John Brown, Lucy Morris and Adam Balon, who presented awards to students.


The assembly also included performances showcasing the musical talent from our students. Hiba performed ‘Empire State of Mind’, a song she performed at the Spring Music concert, which showcased the AS Performance exams. Zena (9 Dyson), Johara (9 Dyson), Chase (12 Sirleaf) and Hisham (9 Balon) also performed ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber. Student speakers included Ethan (9 Kidston), who read his recent English assessment entitled ‘Why Young People Deserve to Vote’ and Heru (9 Winfrey), who read Shakespeare’s ‘All the World’s a Stage.’ All of these performances were a fantastic way of celebrating the creative talent of our students.

The highly anticipated results of the House Debating competition were announced near to the close of the assembly. As winners of two debates each, Franklin and Angelou were awarded joint first place. Congratulations to the Angelou and Franklin debaters – and all of the competitors. This year’s competition was of fantastic quality!


Finally, Mr Benson announced the total house points to date. Pankhurst have made a huge rush over the Spring term with their wins in House Music, Maths Relay and Year 7 House Rugby, but Angelou have just managed to retain their lead. It is still all to play for as the distance between 1st and 4th place is just 17,685. With 10,000 points for a win in one house competition, the House Cup is still anyone’s to win!

house points to date

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