We take homework very seriously at KAA. Most subjects will set homework once a week although students will be given homework in English and Maths twice a week.

KAA Online

KAA Online is the digital version of the school. Students can use it to communicate with their teachers, do homework or talk to their friends and other members of the KAA community. Homework is uploaded to KAA Online so that students can complete it even if they lose the worksheet or instructions.

To get the best out of KAA Online students should use the Chrome Browser and sign in with their @kaa.org.uk username and password.

KAA Online is based on Google Apps which allows students access to a range of online apps which they can access from any internet enabled computer, tablet, phone or other device they may have access to. Apps such as Google Docs allow you to create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can even work together with your friends on the same document and see what they are typing! You can store all your files in Google Drive which then allows you to sign in to Google Chrome and continue working on them from any internet enabled device!

There is a link to KAA Online in the top menu above this page.

Homework Timetables

Year 7 2018/19 Homework Timetable

Year 8 2018/19 Homework Timetable

Year 9 2018/19 Homework Timetable

Year 10 2018/19 Homework Timetable

Year 11 2018/19 Homework Timetable