What facilities are available at KAA2?

“KAA2” is Kensington Aldridge Academy’s temporary site, which was originally built following the school’s relocation as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017. The school previously occupied the site for the 2017-2018 academic year and was built to allow the academy to provide a full curriculum to KAA students during that time. As such, KAA2 has with specialist classrooms to cater to the school’s full curriculum, including;

  • Dining hall
  • Drama studio
  • Dance studio
  • 2 Design Technology workshops
  • 1 Food technology workshop
  • 2 art classrooms
  • 2 computer science labs
  • 8 science labs
  • Library


Where is KAA2?

KAA2 is located on Scrubs Lane next to Burlington Danes School, just under a mile from the Silchester Road school, or “KAA1”.

The address of KAA2 is: Scrubs Lane, London, W12 0HU.


Images of KAA2 (from 2017-18 academic year)


KAA2 site


KAA2 classroom
Dining hall at KAA2
Science lab at KAA2
DT workshop at KAA2
Playground at KAA2


Food Technology classroom


KAA2 library


Drama studio