Rapid Covid Testing

Welcome to the KAA rapid COVID testing page. Here you will find more details on the school testing programme that is currently being rolled out nationally, including instructional videos, frequently asked questions, detailed information and much more.

We will be updating this page as more information is released by the government so please check back regularly if you have further questions about the process.

Home Testing

Following a successful testing programme in school, we will be issuing COVID home test kits to students to be taken twice a week. We will be offering training to students on how to take the tests during form time. It is recommended that students take the tests every Monday and Thursday morning before school. However, we understand that for some people this may be challenging. Therefore, tests can be taken the evening before if needed.

Please read the home testing parent letter for further details: Home Testing – 22 March 2021

Why take part?

Up to one in three people who have COVID-19 can spread the virus without knowing. This is because they have no symptoms. To reduce the spread of the virus, we need to identify those individuals. Taking part in testing is voluntary and all students will be able to attend school whether they take part in testing or not. I am strongly encouraging all students to take part. Testing at home will allow your child and other students to attend school as safely as possible.

How does home testing work?

What should you do after the test?

If the test is positive;

1.    Everyone in your household self-isolate immediately in line with NHS Test and Trace guidance for 10 days.

2.    You need to report your result to both NHS Test and Trace and KAA (email info@kaa.org.uk).

3.    You should order a confirmatory PCR test if you are testing at home.

If the test is negative:

1.    This should be reported to NHS Test & Trace but you do not need to report it to school.

2.    Your child can attend school as normal.

If the test result is unclear (void):

1.    You should do another test and report your result to NHS Test & Trace

A negative result does not guarantee that you are not carrying the virus. So, you should continue to follow social distancing, and other measures to reduce transmission such as wearing a face mask and regularly washing your hands and observing social distancing.

If you or anyone in your household gets symptoms of the virus you should follow national guidelines on self-isolation and testing.

What if my child cannot test at home?

The vast majority of students will be able to administer home test kits with adult supervision at home. We recognise that for a small number this could prove more challenging and we may be able to offer testing in school to these students. If you would like to request this please contact info@kaa.org.uk.

When will my child receive their next set of test kits?

Students are issued a three week supply of test kits on a Tuesday in tutor time every three weeks.

My child hasn’t received their home COVID test. What should I do?

Test kits are issued during form time and if a student is absent they may not have received their kit. You should contact your child’s form tutor or director of learning directly to request a test kit

Should my child use school COVID tests during holiday periods?

No. The school only receives enough supply for term time testing only. If you would like your child to test during holiday periods an LFD test kit can be collected from any local COVID test centre.

Can the school provide tests for anyone else in the family?

The school can only supply tests for students and staff at the academy. If you would like LFD tests for other family members you should collect these from your local COVID test centre.

My child has forgotten to take their test on the nominated day. What should I do?

Don’t worry, just ensure your child takes the test as soon as possible. They should continue taking future tests along the normal schedule

I do not wish to participate in home COVID testing. Do I need to do anything?

You do not need to notify us of this. Tests will continue to be issued to all students periodically. These do not need to be returned to the school and can either be kept at home or disposed of.


School Test Centre

Further information

To find out more about how lateral flow testing will make our school safer, please watch the videos below provided by the Department for Education.

Data Protection

Data protection Covid testing FAQs for parents

Community Testing

KAA lateral flow testing is for asymptomatic KAA staff and students only. If your child has symptoms do not send them to school. Details of testing centres suitable for symptomatic students are provided in the leaflet as well, as well as asymptomatic test centres for non-KAA student family members to get tested.

Test sites in RBKC for January 2021