Student Council

What is the role of the student council?

The role of the student council is to promote the interests of students among the school administration, staff and parents. Their role is to:

• Act as a bridge between teachers and students

• Listen to Form Representatives and take forward their ideas

• Consult students on any issue of importance

• Meet with the Principal and his team to suggest how we move the Academy forward as a school

• Organise events and trips

• Meet with the local community and build on our links with local businesses

• Organise financial campaigns for school life and charitable activities

• Give tours to visitors and be ambassadors for the school and the local community
and more

The student council are able to make real changes to the Academy. They are the voice for the students and are able to make a real impact.

How is the student council selected?

The student council are elected representatives, voted for by their peers. The 2017/2018 student council was elected on Friday 24th November 2017.

Who are the current student councillors?

Year 7

Ahmed (7 Yousafzai) & Rose (7 Jones)


Year 8

Reo (8 Grey-Thompson) & Tashi (8 Radcliffe)

tashi crop

Year 9

Taif (9 Chaplin) & Katie-Marie (9 Hepburn)

taif crop
katie small

Year 10

Rene (10 Balon) & Fatima (10 Berners-Lee)

rene crop
fatima crop

Sixth Form

Rostom (12 Ibrahim) & Batoul (12 Tubman)



Ty (7 Yousafzai)