Y9 Bridging Work

Summer bridging tasks are designed to support the transition from Year 9 onto the GCSE programmes of study. Departments have set out a range of activities that must be completed over the summer holidays in preparation for September. The aim of these tasks are to demonstrate independence, initiative, and a general understanding of the GCSE subjects you have chosen to study in September as well as the core values of excellence, resilience and creativity.


Which subjects should I complete the work for?

It is only required to complete the work for the subjects that have been selected for GCSE. For example, if you chose to take the following optional subjects for GCSE; History, Geography, French and Textiles, these are the tasks you will complete as well as the core subject tasks mentioned above. In this example, you would not need to complete German as you have not opted for this subject for GCSE.


North Kensington Library

We appreciate that you may require some access to the internet or a computer to complete one or two tasks within the booklet. North Kensington Library has a range of facilities which are available free of charge to the public and members of the library. It is open six days per week, and offers three days later opening hours in the children’s library. For those students that require Wi-Fi facilities, this is available free of charge – and the library has some access to a computer if you do not have a laptop available to use.

Please remember a library is a silent, purposeful working environment – please respect their rules and meet these expectations at all time if you choose to use this service.

Address: North Kensington Library, 108 Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, London, W11 1PZ

Children’s library opening hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 09:30 – 19:00
  • Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 09:30 – 17:00


Teacher Guidance

If you have any questions regarding a bridging task, please visit the relevant department page on KAA online, where there are contact details for each Head of Department who will be happy to support. Some subjects have listed their contact details within each booklet.


Deadline for Completion

You must complete each subject bridging task by Friday 13th September.


Bridging Work Booklets