Year 9 Bridging Work

Please find electronic copies of the summer bridging work for students beginning their GCSE courses in September. We ask all of our Year 9s to complete the bridging in the appropriate subjects by the beginning of the Autumn term on Thursday 6th September (Wednesday 5th September is a Year 7 and Year 8 induction day only).

If you have any questions, please email the relevant Head of Department. Teachers will get back to you as fast as possible, but please be aware they may be abroad or otherwise out of contact for periods during the holiday.

Electronic copies of all bridging work will be available here shortly.

Computer Science

Head of Department: Mr Crook –

Y9 Computer Science Bridging Work 2018


Head of Department: Mr Clayton –

Y9 English Bridging Work 2018

Fine Art & Textiles

Head of Department: Miss John –

Y9 Fine Art and Textiles Bridging Work 2018


Head of Department: Miss Pedley –

Y9 French Bridging Work 2018

Y9 French Essential Vocabulary List


Head of Department: Miss Blount –

Y9 Geography Bridging Work 2018


Head of Department: Miss Pedley –

Y9 German Bridging Work 2018


Head of Department: Mr Edwards –

Work set on Heggarty maths to be completed by all year 9 students


Head of Department: Ms Sharman –

Y9 Psychology Bridging Work 2018


Head of Department: Miss Bridgewater –

Y9 RE Bridging Work 2018

Physical Education

Head of Department: Miss Thompson –

Y9 PE Bridging Work 2018