Autism & SEN

Learning Support

At KAA we recognise that some students may need different or additional support at specific times during their school career to meet learning challenges, whilst others may need ongoing support. KAA makes a commitment to provide outstanding support to all students, planned and delivered to the highest standard by all teaching and support staff.

The principles that underpin all support activity at KAA are:

Support is available for all students of all abilities who require it, which includes those who are gifted and talented, and those for whom barriers to learning exist.

Inclusion and pupil support is everyone’s responsibility. We recognise that success for every student is dependent on a through-school approach to inclusion, and that this must form the core of all teaching and learning activities at KAA.

Any area of learning can be improved through targeted support. This includes: support for class work, homework and time management skills, relationships with others, social and emotional skills, attitude, self-esteem and behavioural self-management.

Early identification of needs is critical for maximising progress, with intelligent assessment used to provide data informing the deployment of tried and tested interventions.

Careful monitoring of progress to ensure that individuals receive appropriate, carefully planned and personalised support.

A pro-active approach to intervention in order to predict areas of the curriculum that may present additional challenge for particular individuals. Interventions are pre-planned where possible, to ensure continuing success rather than simply responding to failure. At KAA we do not wait for pupils to experience failure and frustration, we support them to meet the challenges of learning and succeed.

For more information about the Learning Support Department please see the following:

SEN Report 2021-2022

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Grandin Centre

The ASSC (Autism Spectrum Specialist Centre) is an inclusion centre within the academy that provides specialist provision for high-functioning autistic students and pupils with Aspergers syndrome. The centre provides specialist staff, including teachers and trained teaching assistants. The purpose of the provision is to enable students to participate, progress and achieve both in the centre and alongside their peers in mainstream lessons.

Students with needs on the autistic spectrum are often capable of high academic achievement, but the severe anxiety they can experience and the difficulties they may have responding to certain social cues mean that they find the school environment very challenging and fail to achieve their full potential. Our aim is to provide students with an emotionally secure base within the school and the personalised support, both in and out of lessons, that should help them to learn well.

The centre has provision for twenty to twenty-three students from Years 7 to 11. Admissions to the centre is through the Special Educational Needs team at Kensington and Chelsea, based on need and suitability of the centre for each individual child.

For further information download the following documents:

Or contact the Head of Grandin, Jenny Donaldson, by emailing