The History curriculum is designed to encompass the “whole game” of History as a discipline. This means the curriculum has been constructed to develop students’ skills and knowledge to achieve the very best grades expected at GCSE and A level in preparation, but to also give them an understanding of the importance of learning from the past.

Learning at KAA is always framed around a series of ‘fertile questions’. These fertile questions allow students to develop a deep understanding of the subject and how to think and act like an historian. The year 7 history curriculum explores the fundamental skills required to succeed: recall, select and communicate their knowledge; using historical terminology; demonstrating their understanding through explanations; using historical sources to understand different interpretations in history; and demonstrating excellent spelling, punctuation and grammar in their work. The programme of study will ensure all students have a breadth of understanding on the key features that have formed the British society we live in and developments in the world. The students will have the confidence to shape the future by having an understanding of the past.

Curriculum Map


YearTerm Fertile QuestionTopic
7Autumn 1Can one decision change history?1066 Norman Conquest
7Autumn 2Can ordinary people have power? Peasants Revolt
7Spring 1Can we know what happened without being there? Richard III and the Princes in the Tower
7Spring 2Can we know what happened without being there? Mary Rose
7Summer 1Is change always for the best? Reformation and Tudor Religious Upheaval
7Summer 2Is change always for the best? English Civil War
YearTerm Fertile QuestionTopic
8Autumn 1Did Britain create the modern world? Industrial Revolution
8Autumn 2Why did the sun never set for 200 years? British Empire
8Spring 1Could progress in Britain have been possible without inequality? Slavery
8Spring 2Did life improve after slavery? Civil Rights in America
8Summer 1Why did the world say "never again" in 1918?The First World War
8Summer 2Revision
YearTerm Fertile QuestionTopic
9Autumn 1Did society become fairer after the First World War? Votes for Women
9Autumn 2Does peace ever last? Treaty of Versailles and Inter-war years, the road to war
9Spring 1Is there such a thing as a "Just War"? The Second World War
9Spring 2Does evil happen when good men do nothing?The Holocaust
9Summer 1Did the world get colder after 1945? The Cold War
9Summer 2Revision


The aim of the homework set in history is to extend and consolidate their understanding and develop essential independent learning skills. The homework is designed to be accessible to all students by appropriately differentiated tasks and resources. Students have one thirty minute homework each week. The homework is always uploaded to the history section of KAA Online so students can complete it even if they have lost a worksheet.  The regular homework set will be supplemented by a stretch project that consists of all students producing a project based piece of work that they will present to others. The project will be set in the holidays and related curriculum subjects combine to produce the project theme.

How can I support my child?

• The history area at KAA Online should be your first stop for any links to support resources for each fertile question / unit taught in history.

• The library is stocked with relevant books to extend the students’ learning.

History Teachers

Ms Desmond – Lead Teacher of History

Ms Boyle

Mr Kirby

Mr Malik

Mr Miller