Modern Foreign Languages

All students at KAA study either French or German in years 7-9. Learning at KAA is always framed around a question or problem to be solved and the fertile questions in MFL are essential to each unit of work. They add meaning and purpose to the language use and often investigate a cultural theme alongside the language learning.

The MFL curriculum provides students with the knowledge of a range vocabulary and grammar concepts to allow them to use the language independently and purposefully to confidently express their own ideas and opinions. We  focus equally on the four key skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) and use authentic sources where possible to enable your child to both understand and use the language successfully. These skills are essential in order to achieve excellence in GCSE and A Level Languages. We believe that our programme of study will develop confident and passionate linguists, with a desire to use their skills to communicate and explore the wider world.

Curriculum Map

French term by term:

German term-by-term:


Students have one thirty minute piece of homework each week. This is set on a fixed day depending on which teaching group a child is in. The homework may include reading, writing, learning vocabulary or preparing for a presentation/spoken piece of work.

Homework is always uploaded to the MFL section of KAA Online so students can complete it even if they have lost a worksheet. At KAA Online you will also find links to internet based languages resources that will help your child develop their languages skills at home. Even if you have not learnt the language yourself, it is still very helpful for you to listen to your child speaking in French or German.


In addition to curriculum lessons in either French or German, students are given the opportunity to learn Mandarin and Latin as enrichment activities outside the curriculum.

How can I support my child?

• The Languages page on KAA Online has full details of the curriculum, homework and support resources to practice and improve your child’s language skills.

• Students have access to Vocab Express, an online website which enables students to practice and learn French/German vocabulary to help support their language learning. Vocab Express combines text, images and audio to create an engaging learning environment. Students will be issued with their individual log on details and can access the site using the following link:

• Bi-lingual dictionaries or the following websites should be used to check and look-up new words:



MFL Teachers

Ms Pedley – Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Ms F Hahnefeld

Ms I Keeling

Mr R Pavey

Ms M Reed

Mr A Vergara