In addition to their weekly timetabled lessons, students at KAA are also offered an extensive programme of enrichment designed to stretch their thinking, broaden their horizons and teach them more about the world.

Enrichment takes place Monday to Thursday, from 3:50pm to 4.30pm (unless otherwise stated in the timetable below). It is non-compulsory but we encourage all students to choose at least one enrichment per term. We expect all students to show INTREPIDUS in their Enrichment choices. Intrepidus means students push themselves to do new things and take risks in a safe environment.

Despite there being an academic focus to some of the sessions, the primary goal of enrichment is for students to enjoy learning and to love spending time at school. Enrichment, for many students, supports their social and emotional needs, allowing them the confidence to build friendships, to focus on their future and to grow as individuals. It also ensures students are kept healthy through sporting and active sessions. Students will get to try out sports and activities that they may never have come across before. They will also get the chance to compete with other students, tutor groups, houses and schools, thus promoting healthy competition and team work.

Spring Term Enrichment

The Spring term enrichment programme runs from Monday 14th January to Thursday 21st March inclusive.

Please note that enrichment will not run on Thursday 17th January, Tuesday 22nd January and Thursday 7th February due to Parent Evenings.

All enrichment activities begin at 3.50pm and finish at 4.30pm unless otherwise stated.

Homework ClubHomework ClubHomework ClubHomework Club
Year 7 Maths SupportYear 8 Maths SupportYear 9 Maths SupportYear 7 - Year 10 Challenge Maths
Year 10 Maths SupportYear 10 Maths SupportYear 9 & 10 Challenge MathsYear 11 Maths Support
Year 11 Science SupportYear 13 Pure Maths SupportYear 11 Maths SupportGCSE German Catch Up
KS4 Geography InterventionGCSE Road to Success - DramaGCSE French Catch UpGCSE & A Level Music Workshop
Year 13 Applied Maths SupportAim for the Stars - GeographyYear 12 Applied Maths SupportGCSE & A Level Psychology
Year 7 - Year 10 Boys Football (5pm)Year 11 and Sixth Form Football (4.45pm)Indoor Climbing (5pm)Year 12 Pure Maths Support
KS4 & KS5 Brazilian Jiu JitsuBasketball (4.45pm)Netball (4.45pm)A Level Geography Clinic
Girls Football (4.45pm)Step Into DanceTrampolining (4.45pm)Handball
Dance SocietyKAA Choir (5pm)Girls Self DefenceIntrepidus Dance Company
AnimeKeyboard Club (4.45pm)KS3 3D ArtKS3 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
EcoTeamDebating (5pm)KS4 Art Running Club (5pm)
KAA News TeamBoard Games ClubRockSchool! (5pm)Rugby (4.45pm)
KS3 Art ClubJunior DesignersDebateBoxKayaking (5.30pm)
KS4 Art ClubScience of Sport & Exercise SocietyProduction (5pm)Table Tennis (4.45pm)
KS3 Baking (5pm)French ClubInternational Cinema
KS3 Music Theory Club (4.45pm)German ClubKnit & Stitch
GCSE Music TheoryClassic Film ClubKS4 Textiles
KAA Choir (5pm)Police Cadets (5pm)Production (5pm)
Orchestra (5pm)KS4 & KS5 Duke of Edinburgh Award KAA Theatre Company (5pm)
History ClubWomen's Artists SocietyScience Lectures
Maths GamesLaw SocietyLinguistics Society
Nine or Never Politics SocietyInstallation Art Society
High 5Maths SocietyMusic Society
Theatre SocietyGeography SocietyEnglish Literature Society
Biology SocietyChemistry SocietyAncient History Society
Physics SocietyPhilosophy Society
English SocietyComputer Science Society
Medicine Society
Psychology Society