Entrepreneurial Learning

At KAA, we want to develop the business and social entrepreneurs of the future. We’re lucky to have Sir Rod Aldridge, chair of our lead sponsors, a world famous entrepreneur and a KAA Governor, to help us to achieve this. We don’t expect all students to follow this path – only those who want to. But they will all be given the opportunity to. Entrepreneurs create wealth and employment, and that is important to us.

We have a strong academic focus here at KAA; as a secondary school it is our top priority to provide students with a first rate academic education. But alongside the academic offer we also give students an entrepreneurial outlook and attitude that will serve them well whatever they do in life. In lessons, KAA students are not passengers who see their role as simply to memorise information their teachers give them and then recite it later. Instead our students are constantly challenged to extend their thinking, and encouraged to develop their own passion for learning and enquiry. They are creative, resilient learners, who see problems as puzzles to be solved and mistakes as opportunities to improve.

Our school motto – Intrepidus – captures this spirit. Our students are bold, confident, creative learners. As Sir Rod Aldridge said to students when he visited us at KAA: “It’s not where you come from in life, but where you get to that counts.”

Entrepreneurship is also at the heart of all Aldridge Education academies and colleges and each school in the family works to develop the key attributes identified by Sir Rod of problem solving, risk-taking, determination, creativity, passion and team work in all of their students through the curriculum and activities available to them. At KAA we do this through;

• Excellent academic qualifications for all, including subjects linked to new technology and industry such as maths, science, computer science and product design, as well as subjects that teach students to be effective communicators such as English, history, geography and languages.

• An entrepreneurial, can-do spirit that is fundamental to all that we do at KAA – lessons, enrichment, the house system – everything. This is what Intrepidus is all about!

• Valuable entrepreneurial experiences for all students during their seven years with us, such as our Industry Days and Kensington Creates Club.

Entrepreneur is originally a French word which means, ‘to start’. We’d like all KAA students to be people who take a proactive approach, and who have both the will and the knowledge to change the world for the better.