Y7 & Y8 End of Year Exams

by Vashti Turner  on June 9, 2023  in  Exams

Year 7 and Year 8 students will be sitting their End of Year Examinations from Monday 19th June to Friday 23rd June.

During this week, students’ normal timetableswill be replaced with an examination timetable, which they will be issued with early next week. Timetables are copied below for parent refernece.

Parents can view the topics students have been studying this year to assist with revision by viewing the relevant subject pages of our website (see below). All assessments are written assessments so students should come to school in their normal school uniform every day, not their PE kit. Students will sit these in classrooms, and the exams will be administered by their usual teachers to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

Please note that the last exam of the week will be art for Year 7 and Science for Year 8, which finish at end the end of Period 4 on Friday. Students will remain on site for lunch and be registered by their teachers before being dismissed from school at the earlier time of 2:05pm.

We have written to parents with full details of the exams for these year groups – please see letters and timetables below.

Year 7 End of Year Exams – June 2023

Y8 End of Year Exams Letter – June 2023

Curriculum Summaries

Computer Science: https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/curriculum/computer-science/

Dance: https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/curriculum/dance/

Drama: https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/curriculum/drama/

English: https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/curriculum/6-2/

MFL (French and German): https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/curriculum/modern-foreign-languages/

Geography: https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/curriculum/geography/

History: https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/curriculum/history/

Maths: https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/curriculum/mathematics/

Music: https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/curriculum/music/

PE: https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/curriculum/physical-education/

Religious Education: https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/curriculum/religious-education/

Science: https://kaa.org.uk/teaching-learning/curriculum/science/

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