Y9 GCSE Options

by Vashti Turner  on January 10, 2019  in  Curriculum

We are looking forward to welcoming students and parents to the Y9 GCSE Options evening from 6pm-7.30pm this evening, Thursday 10th January.

Our year 9 students will now be beginning to think about one of the most important decisions of their educational career. The year 9 options evening is designed to give students and parents all the information about the process to allow them to make the right decision for each individual child. At the options evening parents will be provided with a copy of their child’s Autumn term report, as well as a copy of the Y9 GCSE Options booklet. You can also download a copy of this booklet from the link below.

The evening will begin with an Options Fayre from 6pm to 6.45pm. This will be followed by a presentation from Mr Benson and Miss Jordan at 6.45pm in the theatre.

If, for any reason, you are unable to attend the options evening, the autumn term report and options booklet will be sent home with your child after the evening.

Y9 Options Booklet 2018-2019

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