Y9s attend GCSE Dance taster workshop at RAD

by Vashti Turner  on January 13, 2017  in  Uncategorized

By Mr Dunning

IMG_4471On Wednesday 11th January Year 9 students at KAA attended a GCSE Dance taster workshop run our by partners The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). As Year 9s are currently in the process of choosing their options it was a great way for them to get a feel of what the course might be like.

The day started with a session on one of the GCSE set works. Students learnt about the work itself including the theme and intent of the choreographer as well as learning about the company who performed it. Students then learnt a section of material from the set work, focusing on developing their ability in the Street Dance style and genre. The day ended with a session on contact work which students really enjoyed. They learnt a series of balances and lifts which they later included into the routine they learnt using their own choreography.

Students came away from the day feeling very positive and all said they felt they now had a clearer understanding of what GCSE Dance might it like if they choose it. Our Year 9s are attending GCSE options assemblies each week during the Spring term to inform them of the choices available to them at KS4.


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