Year 7 – 10 End of Year Exams 2019

by Vashti Turner  on June 13, 2019  in  Assessment

The end of year examinations for years 7 to 10 take place over two weeks this year.

Year 7 and 9 sit their exams from Monday 24th – Friday 28th June. Year 8 and 10 students have their exams the following week from Monday 1st July – Friday 5th July. During the week your child is not sitting their exams they will be in normal timetabled lessons. A full timetable for each year group is below, it is also available to students on KAA Online.

Students will be off timetable for the week and will be taking their exams in the theatre or dance studio in exam conditions to give them a real examination experience that mirrors (as much as is possible in one week) GCSE examination procedures. A small number of students will be taking their assessments in an alternative room where they have access arrangements (including extra time, a reader or scribe). They will receive a personalised exam timetable which may differ slightly from the main exam timetable for their year group.

Please note that enrichment ends for the academic year on Friday 21st June. The libraries will remain open until 4.30pm each day as normal and departments may run after school revision sessions.

The focus in the run up to these important assessment weeks is focused revision in lessons and independently at home. Students will have a revision assembly on the week commencing Monday 17th June to explain the exam arrangements and help them to prepare for the end of year exams.

We’d like to thank parents in advance for the support we know will provided at home to students throughout exam week. This includes ensuring students get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated (bring a water bottle into school each day) and knowing which exams they have on each day. If you have any questions regarding exam arrangements please email¬†or call 0207 313 5800.

Year 7 – Monday 24th June – Friday 28th June

Year 8 – Monday 1st July – Friday 5th July

Year 9 – Monday 24th June – Friday 28th June

Year 10 – Monday 1st July – Friday 5th July

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