Year 8 Girls’ Football vs Charter School

by Vashti Turner  on October 7, 2015  in  Sports

Match report by Miss Demeester

Y8 girls football The Year 8 Girls kicked off their season this week with an away match to Charter School for the English Schools Cup.

The KAA team started strong with multiple narrow misses at goal. An early goal from Charter School put pressure on the girls but Tahana-Fay Ellis equalised with a fantastic goal.

An unfortunate hand ball from KAA then gave Charter School a successful penalty, to which they add one more goal and left the score at 3-1 at the end of the first half.

The team started the second half determined to gain a lead and opened with a great goal from Sara Abi Osman. Now hungry for a win Suad Mohamed and Rita Shaqiri fought off many attempts on goal with some excellent defensive play, but Charter managed to put up the score once more. However, determined to not let it stop them Katie Young worked tirelessly to score another goal for KAA narrowing the gap to 4-3.

So early in the season the team has not had much of a chance to train. In consequence the girls struggled towards the end of the match, the other team took advantage and managed to get five more goals, leading them to win the game.

Although disappointed the team left eager to improve on their performance in the other League games this season.

Player of the Match: Katie Young

Year 8 girls football

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