Year 9 success at JP Morgan Schools Challenge

by Vashti Turner  on February 14, 2020  in  Academy News Science

We’re delighted to report that our Year 9s had a successful afternoon presenting their projects at the J P Morgan School’s Challenge final on Thursday 13th February. The students competed against 24 other London school and have loved every moment of this project, gaining knowledge, skills and confidence in the STEM subjects as they progressed.

Two KAA teams presented their projects in front of a panel of six judges and blew them away with their ideas – Team ‘Future 22’, which included Havana (9 Bonhoeffer), Marcus (9 Carter), David (9 Carter), Luke (9 Jones), Rose (9 Jones) and Daniel (9 Bonheffer), were awarded with the Problem Solving and Creativity Award!

The team “Future 22” project is designed to capture energy typically lost through every day processes, such as body heat from exercise, or kinetic energy from walking, and convert it into electrical/chemical energy that can be stored for later use. Their product design was inspired by the hexagon, a shape with unique properties found in nature, that is both structurally sound and remarkably efficient!

Well done to all students from both teams for their hard work throughout the Autumn and Spring terms!

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