Train to Teach

Why train to teach at KAA?

Our “Initial Teacher Training” (ITT) programme is well established here at KAA and our trainees benefit from high quality training from experienced practitioners who truly care about your professional development.  We are also fortunate to have a dedicated ITT lead within the academy who heads up the recruitment, induction and management of our training programme to ensure continuity across all platforms.

As a trainee teacher, you will play a vital role in redefining what is possible for our students – you will also be a caring and reflective person who wants to transform the lives of young people through education. Many of our classroom teachers, middle and senior leaders trained at KAA and have gone on to have successful and fulfilling careers both here and elsewhere (you can read about their experiences below).

As a trainee teacher at KAA, you will receive unrivaled levels of training, support and mentoring. KAA’s recent Ofsted report identifies that, ‘Staff morale is exceptionally high. Staff enjoy working at the school and benefit from high quality training. Teachers new to the profession feel very well supported in settling into the school quickly and developing their practice’.

Our teacher training programme covers:

·       How to create powerful learning environments (establishing effective routines, how to best implement the behaviour and rewards policy and create an effective learning environment).

·       How pupils learn (understanding how memory works and how to best structure lessons and sequences of lessons).

·       What makes effective classroom practice (understanding Rosenshine’s principles, effective questioning tools, how to model answers and lead students into effective independent practice).

·       How to make use of assessment and feedback (what effective formative and summative assessment looks like, how to make the most out of marking).

·       How to support all pupils to excel (working with SEND students, improving oracy and literacy and how to scaffold learning)

·       How do design an effective curriculum and medium term plan

Diversity Statement

KAA is committed to having a diverse teaching workforce. We actively encourage applicants from black and minority ethnic candidates, to reflect our student body.

Testimonies from trainee teachers at KAA

What KAA teachers have to say about ITT….

“I was placed at KAA for my training year with the Ark Schools ITT programme. Looking back, I could not be happier that I was placed at KAA: I received excellent support that has set me up strongly for tackling my NQT year.

KAA’s weekly trainee seminars blended useful, practical techniques with an opportunity for discussion to compare strategies and troubleshoot – complementing, and deepening, the training I received from my training provider. The school’s programme of co-teaching meant that I could observe experienced practitioners and teach parts of their lessons in a lower-stakes context – making the gradual transition into a fuller timetable more manageable (and less scary)! Finally, I was assigned a KAA mentor from within my department, who observed one of my lessons every week, followed by a meeting to provide feedback, advice and a personalised weekly target. This was crucial in helping me to make quicker progress.

More widely, I learned a huge amount from KAA’s staff-wide training sessions, collaborative atmosphere and its emphasis on evidence-based pedagogy. One of my most rewarding experiences was participating in a teaching and learning research group drawn from across the teaching staff, focusing on student motivation.

My training year at KAA was vital for developing a toolbox of successful teaching skills, and the confidence and support to deploy these to help students achieve their potential.”

– Don Mackintosh, Teacher of History

“I completed my trainee year at KAA through the Ark Teacher Training programme. If you are looking for a well organised programme that readies you for the world of teaching, look no further! 

The ATT programme didn’t adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach with their trainees. The programme was personalised, and this contributed to faster development in my practice. Weekly targets were set out based on meetings and observations with my mentors. I had two mentors throughout the year – one from Ark and the other from KAA. This support network was so helpful and made me feel confident in meeting the national teaching standards come the end of the year. 

Training at KAA was perfect for me. The staff and students are both brilliant. It really is an outstanding place to work which has made my experience with teaching all the more enjoyable!”

– Adam Omer, Teacher of Maths


What support will I receive?

Every week you will be observed and have a feedback session with your mentor. They will work with you to identify a targeted, bite-sized change in your practice that will help you improve most the following week. For example, you may be asked to change the way you move children around the classroom from one task to another.

What bursaries and funding are available?

Further information on funding and bursaries can be found on the Ark Teacher Training website here:

What training provider do you use?

We use Ark Teacher Training as our provider. Ark Teacher Training gives the best graduates and career changers the chance to transform lives through education. Unlike a university-based PGCE, you will be based in Kensington Aldridge Academy from day one, having an impact straight away. As well as your in school mentor and coach, you will have a dedicated ARK tutor and work with education experts across the ARK network providing you with the guidance, support and advice you need.

You will earn a PGCE (postgraduate certificate in education), QTS (Qualified Teacher Status), and 60 credits towards a Master’s degree at the end of your first training year. The Ark Teacher Training programme is the perfect start to a successful career in teaching.

More information can be found here:

What qualifications and experience do I need?

In school experience is desirable, but not essential. We encourage candidates to gain school experience where possible.

Candidates must be educated to degree level and meet the Ark Teacher Training requirements. For secondary, your degree or A-levels must be related to the subject you want to teach.

More information can be found here:

What is the application process?

Interested candidates should submit a short one-page letter (along with their CV) to explaining why they wish to be considered for a training place plus their preferred subject. If you have any questions before applying, please email our ITT Lead Freddie Ivett at

If successful, candidates will then be referred to Ark for assessment.