The Academy

The Academy is a locally run, non-selective, co-educational state school for the local community in North Kensington. We opened in September 2014 in a brand new, state-of-the-art building purpose built to provide students with the best learning, information technology and arts.

As an academy school we receive our funding direct from the Government. Our lead sponsor is Aldridge Education and our co-sponsors are the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. We are also partnered with Charterhouse, Godolphin & Latymer, LAMDA and the Royal Academy of Dance.

Our Principal, David Benson, has lived and worked locally in West London for many years. His previous school was also a start-up – he joined as Vice Principal a year before opening and helped lead it to ‘outstanding’ Ofsted status. He brings a depth of knowledge about the area and the opportunities and challenges that come with starting a new academy from scratch.

In 2017, Ofsted have judged us to be “outstanding” in all areas and described standards as “exceptional”. Our aim is to be not just an outstanding school, but also a centre of excellence in teaching and learning, both within the borough of Kensington & Chelsea and beyond. Our teachers are given the time, training and management they need to become the best in their fields. We have taken advantage of the rare opportunity of creating a new school to design a first rate curriculum that prepares students for the demands of the new, strengthened national examination system. At KAA our students receive a consistent diet of outstanding lessons, and extensive enrichment opportunities beyond that. The ‘deal’ they get is second to none.

In August 2017 we received an excellent first set of national results from our “founder cohort” of sixth formers. Results indicate we are in the top 10% of UK Schools for value added, with students getting on average one whole grade higher than national expectations. 61% of all entries have been graded A-C and 42% of those are As or Bs. We saw exceptional performance in English, History, French, Drama and RE with over 80% of students taking those subjects getting A to C grades. Media coverage of our first set of exams results can be viewed by clicking here.

We are currently in a temporary building on Scrubs Lane as a result of the recent fire at Grenfell Tower. This state-of-the-art Portakabin school is ‘the fastest school ever built’ – designed and built in just 12 weeks in time for the beginning of the Autumn term. Read more about our temporary home here and here.