The aim of geography at KAA is to inspire in students a fascination of the world around them which will stay with them throughout their lives. Geographical learning at KAA is framed around a fertile question or problem to be solved. By exploring these fertile questions together, students and teachers will embark upon a learning journey that unlocks the mysteries of a variety of the world’s landscapes and cultures.

Our Year 7 geography curriculum explores key concepts such as locational knowledge, physical and human processes, connections between places, landscape change over time and the complexity of human-environment relationships. Fieldwork skills and map interpretation are also central to becoming excellent geographers and these skills will be developed to ensure KAA students are confident geographers at GCSE and A-level.

All of the core geographical concepts and skills outlined above will be will be explored through the topics shown in the table below. We hope that a topical, relevant and exciting curriculum will help students to develop a passion for learning that equips them for the globalised and complex world they will enter as adults.

Curriculum Map


YearTerm Fertile Question
7Autumn 1Are we lost without geography?
7Autumn 2Are places challenges to be tackled or opportunities to be celebrated?
7Spring 1How many people is too many people?
7 Spring 2Is there blood on your bling?
7Summer 1Is there a perfect power source?
7Summer 2Can a river really rage?
YearTerm Fertile Question
8Autumn 1Which tribe is the toughest?
8Autumn 2Should you take your conscience shopping?
8Spring 1Could there ever be world without war?
8Spring 2What kind of weather is the 'wildest'?
8Summer 1Does wealth equal happiness? Is our world equitable?
8Summer 2Oh we do like to be beside the seaside... or DO we?
YearTerm Fertile Question
9Autumn 1Who puts the super into superpower?
9Autumn 2Is living on a plate boundary a crazy choice?
9Spring 1Should Mr Benson be worried about climate change?
9Spring 2Should the Middle East be it's own continent?
9Summer 1Is tourism a blessing or a curse?
9Summer 2Can sporting events be truly sustainable?


All assessment will be based on work around the fertile question of the term and be set in GCSE style examination formats, involving shorter answer questions, leading onto longer responses. Fieldwork skills will also be assessed and students will be expected to analyse, conclude and evaluate results that they collect in the field.


Students have one thirty minute homework each week. These are set on different (but fixed) days depending on which teaching group a child is in. The homework varies and may involve preparation for a future lesson or activities which will consolidate the learning students have enjoyed in the classroom. Homework is uploaded to the geography section of KAA online and there are differentiated resources available if students need extra support or have lost worksheets.

How can I support my child?

You can support your child’s progress using:

• The geography area within KAA Online to find support resources and skills practice for each fertile question which is being investigated.

• Atlases and maps from the library to improve their locational knowledge.

• Documentaries on the television that cover a range of exciting human and physical geographical issues.

• Excellent geographers are informed about what is happening in the world around them and therefore should regularly read the newspapers or visit to keep up with global current affairs.