Year 11 Revision

How do I revise for my GCSEs?

Our experience tells us revision is much easier to do if it is broken down into 3 components:

1.     Learning and memorising the key vocab, knowledge and facts that you are being examined on

2.     Practicing how to apply this knowledge to exam questions

3.     Training yourself on exam technique

What do I have to do for each component, and when should I do it?

Subject Revision Resources

Each of these things will look slightly different in different subject areas. Make sure you take advice from your teachers and visit the subject revision page for more information. These pages contain 1 page revision guides for each of your subjects and videos explaining how to revise successfully in each subject.

Revision Techniques

The below revision techniques will help you to retain information you read during your revision sessions. To read the full student handout on each technique, click on the links below.

1. Chunking

2. Keeping active during revision

3. Spacing and timing of revision

4. Using flash cards effectively

Key Dates

To view assessment timetables and key dates (including Parents’ Evenings and Results Day) visit the Key Dates page.