Girls’ Basketball vs Holland Park & Sion Manning

by Vashti Turner  on December 17, 2015  in  Sports

Match Report by Miss Demeester

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the Girls Basketball teams. Both Year 7 and the U14 team began the league with a fixture against Holland Park. First the U14’s showed the Year 7 team how it’s done with a convincing win. Ayah Hemmid and Rita Shaqiri scored multiple hoops and the whole team demonstrated excellent team work and ball control. The nerves got the better of the Year 7s their first time playing as a team and even though Jannete Meftah and Georgina Smith worked tirelessly Holland Park took the win.

Next both teams faced Sion Manning in our very own Sports Hall. The U14s played first and Jennifer Lopez dominated with fantastic speed and ball control to maintain possession and keep the ball at our end. Low on numbers, Lilian Samson and Georgina Smith, both in Year 7, stepped up to the plate and played superbly both scoring multiple times leading the U14 team to victory.

With some experience behind them the Year 7s attacked the game with far more confidence. Brilliant defending from Tyra Bailey-Folks and Asia Phillips allowed top shooters Mia Cobacha-Keizer and Jannete Meftah to keep the shots going in. The team took their first victory, a successful evening for both teams.

As a result of the U14 success they have been given the opportunity to represent RBKC in the London School Games, which qualifiers taking place next term. A brilliant accomplishment for KAA.

U14 Woman of the Match: Jennifer Lopez

Year 7 Woman of the Match: Jannete Meftah

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