KAA Literary Festival 2019

by Vashti Turner  on February 28, 2019  in  Reading

KAA is a school that loves to read, so World Book Day is a week long celebration. On the week beginning 4th March, KAA’s annual Literary Festival will be returning. All week there will be famous authors visiting and competitions and activities running in the library every day.

All students will be given a £1 World Book Day token during Morning Reading/Prep. These can be redeemed at all high street book stores in exchange for the World Book Day special edition books, or used as a £1 voucher towards the price of any book! To find out more visit https://www.worldbookday.com/books/.

On Monday 4th March Andy Robb, author of the Geekhood series, will be speaking to Year 8 students. On Tuesday 5th March there will be a number of workshops for Year 8 and 9 with Saci Lloyd, author of the Carbon Diaries series, and Andy Mulligan, author of Trash and the Ribblestrop series. On Wednesday 6th March year 7 students will be visited by Roland Chambers, author of the Magicians series. Year 10 and Sixth Form will have lectures delivered by Kate Moore, author of the New York Times bestseller The Radium Girls, on Thursday 7th March. Finally, on Friday 8th March Lindsay Barraclough will visit year 7 classes.

Students can also visit the library during lunch and break times to speak with authors and take part in a range of activities and competitions to win house points and prizes.

Our thanks to the KAA Intrepidus Trust for making this year’s Literary Festival possible.

The English Department’s 2017 World Book Day fancy dress

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