Parent Governor Election

by Vashti Turner  on November 27, 2020  in  Academy News Governors Parents

The academy is currently seeking a new parent governor and as there were more nominations than vacancies a ballot is taking place. Due to the social distancing measures in place due to Covid-19, we will be using online voting software. Each parent eligible to vote has received an email from Choice Voting. This will give you a unique voting link through which to place your vote. Each parent / carer can submit one ballot paper, regardless of the number of pupils you have attending the academy.

The deadline for placing votes is 12pm on Tuesday 8th December 2020.

The personal statements for each candidate have been sent to parents via email, and also held in the voting system. We gave candidates the opportunity to record a video introducing themselves to you as they cannot do this in person at present – these are also included alongside the candidate statements for those who opted to record one.

If for any reason you would wish to place your ballot through a hard copy form, please contact Anna Machin ( and this will be sent to you by post. Any hard copy ballot forms should be marked with an ‘X’ alongside the name of the parent / carer you support. Once you have marked the ballot paper you should seal it in the envelope provided and post to: Anna Machin, Kensington Aldridge Academy, 1 Silchester Road, London W10 6EX.

The election will be decided by a simple majority of votes cast. In the event of a tie, lots will be drawn. When the election has been completed parents will be informed of the outcome. If in the meantime parents have any queries, they should contact the Clerk to the Board Anna Machin ( who is the Returning Officer for this parent governor election.

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